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Burgundy 1/1

Title: Burgundy
Author: Sofipitch
Series: Ling doesn’t appear in the 2003 anime
Word Count: 294
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Ling Yao, Lan Fan
Summary: They could never find a match.
Warnings: This is a way to give Ling and Lan Fan a non-happy ending in few words. But hopefully this didn’t happen.


Burgundy Rose: beauty

          She never saw it. She never saw what he saw. Shiny black hair that smelled like violets, dark eyes that only when looked at with light shining directly into them could you see their true topaz color, and pale skin that the moon goddess herself would envy for its splendor.

            Ling saw all these things. He marveled at her beauty, her face, her body, her strength. He watched as she quickly grew stronger with every punch she gave, with every kick that went into the air, with every knife that was thrown. He also watched as her slender body transformed itself into a woman’s curvy body; that still held the strength of a thousand Xingese fighters. But she still did not see this beauty.

          So he made a game of telling her. He whispered it into her ear while making love. He boasted about her beauty to other emperors from other eastern nations whenever they came to visit. He made a show of sending his servants on expeditions to find fabrics and spices that looked and smelled as glorious as her.

They never could find a match.

          He wanted her to see her beauty. But he also wanted to possess it. But alas, he couldn’t. For old Xingese laws forbid marring between the emperor and his warriors. But they still had an affair behind the backs of the palace guards and staff.

          He loved her and her beauty and he tried to show her. But in the end she resented her beauty and hated it. For it was his greed, his addiction to her, that had her banished from the palace walls upon news of her pregnancy.

          In the end the art of seduction that took his love and his child away from him.

Tags: fanfic, fma, lingxlan fan

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