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Everybody Hurts 2/7

Title: Everybody Hurts
Author: Sofipitch
Series: 2003/AU
Word Count: 507 (without lyrics)
Rating: G
Characters: Alphonse, Mei
Summary: Mei knew there was something wrong with her brother in law.
Warnings: none
A/N: This fic goes along with another that I wrote called Thinking Of You

/Don’t know,
Don’t know if I can do this on my own.
Why do you have to leave me?
I seems I’m losing something deep inside of me.
Hold on, on to me…
Now I see, now I see…/

        -Everybody Hurts, Avril Lavigne

    Elrics liked to travel. She knew that. She herself also enjoyed traveling, but there was something peculiar with the way her brother in law traveled. She didn't say anything at first, but as time progressed and months turned into years she had to ask, because she knew there was something wrong with him. Normally people don't travel the way he did. They don't leave for months, getting drunk out of your mind and into bar fights in more different countries than Mei knew or could count.
    She asked her husband one day about it once she was sure she had a plausible idea for the reason why. "Why does your brother travel?"
    Al looked up at his wife. His eye clouded with sadness. "He likes to explore other places. He's loved it since he was really young." He gave a weak smile and shrugged as if there were nothing wrong. "We used to do it together."
    Mei knew affinity for traveling wasn't the only thing that fueled his need to constantly be boarding trains and boats headed to foreign lands. "What is he running from?"
    Al froze. He stared at his wife, urging her to somehow take her question back, for such thing not to have been asked or noticed. In return Mei stared back, challenging him to lie to her. Alphonse took a deep breath before answering her. "The decisions he made in his past."
    "Does it have to do with your friend Winry Kirsch?" Mei had watched the glances he would sneak of the married woman. The regretful looks that had been directed towards her and her son.
    Al got a pained look. "Yes. Half of it." Mei opened her mouth, but Al overlapped her before she could even get anything out. "There's nothing we can do." She gave her husband a bewildered look. "He needs to fix this himself. Our intervention will only make it worse on him."
    Al hugged his wife, squeezing her tight in the pain he felt at watching his brother crumple. "We just have to be here for when he might need us. He’d hate to know anyone worries about him."
    Mei nodded into the crook of Al's shoulder. She hugged him back in calm reassurance. She understood her husband’s worry for his older sibling. He had always been close with him and she knew the distance was now tearing him apart. "He'll get better. He has to." Al sound like a child, whispering false promises of a better future to himself.
    She didn't know Edward too much personally. But she had heard stories of brave acts of justice and kindness. Stories of a valiant hero who never gave up. She broke away from the hug and took his hand in hers. "It wouldn't he him if he didn't." He nodded yes and she kissed him, giving the only reassurance she knew of.
    She hoped Edward would be getting better soon. Not only for himself, but for everyone around him, who also have to suffer in watching him fall apart.

Tags: almei, au, fanfic, fma
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